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Russia has 32,500 troops in Crimea and have restored nuclear infrastructure for deployment of nuclear weapons.


Image Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images.

Russia is sending 32,500 troops to Crimea, and it is also believed that the infrastructure to hold nuclear weapons is being ready for deployment of nuclear the region. Crimea is a peninsula that is located in the North part of the black Sea, south of Ukraine. The country was seized from Ukraine by Russia in 2014, after a ‘referendum’ that showed overwhelming support to join Russia mainland. It has been under Russian control since than. United States imposed sanctions on Russia in response to the annexation.

Russia has created a powerful inter-service grouping of troops in Crimea, which covers ground, air and naval components and numbers about 32,500 people. The Russian side creates conditions for the deployment of nuclear weapons, their individual components and carriers in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea, carries out work to restore nuclear infrastructure, which poses a threat to Ukraine’s national security.

Ukraine’s National Security Assessment of External Threats.

Ukraine National Security Assessment also found out that military aircraft and missile ships will be deployed in Crimea, and they might carry nuclear warheads.

Russia’s plan is to increase pressure on the international community, while Ukraine views destabilization of their country by Russia as a key threat. The deployment of nuclear weapons in Crimea will undoubtedly escalate tensions between NATO and Russia.


  1. Some facts to clear this up:

    The Crimean population is >80% Russian, not Ukrainian, so it’s really no wonder the referendum voted majorly for re-joining the Russian Union. People want economic stability and democracy, they don’t wanna live in a fascist poorhouse. But mostly they want Putin as president, not some little Washington handpuppet wannabe Hitler.

    Also Russia always had many troops on Crimea, it’s their major Black Sea naval base ffs! Even after it went to Ukraine the Russians leased all the army bases from Ukraine. 30 – 40,000 more or less personnel hardly makes a difference in Russian context.


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