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Strange object witnessed in Florida is a Trident missile.

Image Credit: WPTV

A strange object appearing in the skies of Florida was confirmed to be a Trident-II submarine- launched ballistic missile (SLBM) launch. The US Navy confirmed that the missile was launched by USS Kentucky an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine. Unconfirmed reports came in that missile tests will be conducted between February 9 and 14th. It is normal for the US Navy not to notify the public of its missile tests in advance.

The public started taking videos and images of the strange object as people were searching for answers of what it might be. The object which was confirmed later to be an SLBM was also seen from the Bahamas. Eric Vandernoot, an astronomy and physics lab coordinator at Florida Atlantic University said to WPTV,

The fact that you’re seeing people from the Hobe Sound and The Bahamas seeing it simultaneously it tells me that it’s extremely high up in the sky.

Eric Vandernoot.

He also said for viewers not to worry about the missile launch as it is very high,

This clearly seems to indicate to me it’s really high up in the sky so people should not be worried.

Eric Vandernoot.

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