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China, Russia and Iran to conduct a joint naval drill.

Image Credit: Vitaly Nevar / TASS

China, Russia and Iran will conduct a naval drill this month in the Indian Ocean. The three countries held a joint naval drill back in December 2019. It was intended to occur mid-February. This was revealed last week by Levan Dzhagaryan, the Russian ambassador to Tehran.

The Russian ambassador said that the intention of the naval drill is to coordinate search and rescue operations and to ensure safety of navigation.

Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, Iranian deputy director of Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army said last Sunday that Russian army’s willingness to conduct a joint drill shows the strength of Iranian navy.

When the powerful Russian navy conducts exercises with the navies of the Islamic Republic Army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, it sends a clear message.

Admiral Habibollah Sayyari.

The message of this exercise is peace, friendship and lasting security through cooperation and unity… and its result will be to show that Iran cannot be isolated

Iranian flotilla admiral Gholamreza Tahani.

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