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Israel cargo ship suffers an explosion in Gulf of Oman.

Image Credit: Chris Farrell Twitter

An Israeli cargo ship that was sailing in the Gulf of Oman, was struck by an unexplained explosion forcing the ship to turn back to the Strait of Hormuz.

The ship that was struck by the explosion was MV Helios Ray, Bahaman flagged. The ship departed from the Saudi port of Dammam on Wednesday and was intended to go to Singapore.

Satellite data revealed that the ship was sailing along the Gulf of Oman until 10am (6am GMT), when it suddenly changed direction and started heading to the Strait of Hormuz. By 4pm GMT the ship was still appearing on satellite in the Gulf of Oman.

On Thursday evening, an advisory announced that an investigation into the mysterious explosion has been launched.

Investigations are ongoing. Vessel and crew are safe and proceeding to NPOV [Naval Point of Contact].


Dryad Global, a maritime intelligence firm, believes that the explosion might have stemmed from an Iranian military activity.

The Neptune P2P group, which is a maritime security company expressed the same thoughts on the mysterious explosion.

There is no indication at this point as to the cause of the explosion, however, the incident took place close to an area where two vessels were attacked in July 2019 with what was believed to be limpet mines. There is nothing at present to suggest that this is the case in this incident.

Neptune P2P group.

Iran did not comment on the incident, and so does Israel.


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