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China is building a missile base close to Vietnam.

Image Credit: South China Sea News

Vietnam has recently learned that China is building a surface-to-air missile base just 20 kilometres from its border. It is being said that China is building it as a warning to all neighbours in the region, and as a precaution.

The Vietnamese government is in talks with the Chinese government to determine whether the base is close to completion . The base is located in the Guangxi region.

South China Sea News, an non-governmental organisation (NGO) posted satellite photos of the base and another. In a base located 70km from the Vietnamese border, surface-to-air missiles, radars and six launchers were identified.

This is a clear that China is preparing for war according to Professor Alexander Vuving works at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies in Hawaii. 

This is a signal that China is preparing for war along its borders. It’s a sign that China is preparing for war, maybe not today, not tomorrow but in the long term.

Professor Alexander Vuving.

The Sino-Vietnamese border is prone to conflict because it is along the disputed South China Sea according to Professor Vuving. Read more about the South China Sea dispute here:

Last October, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping urged his troops to prepare for war. China is building several military bases in the South China sea to solidify its claim of the sea and rapidly producing naval ships and other heavy military equipment.

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  1. “This is a signal that China is preparing for war along its borders.”
    He admitted it himself: Along its own borders. So they don’t prepare for war, they prepare for defense! If I was a country not liked by the Atlanticians I’d do the same.


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