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Israel to reopen border with certain conditions.

Image Credit: AP Photo/Oded Balilty

Israeli media reported on Monday that they will reopen their borders and allow foreigners to enter the country with certain conditions. Israel will evaluate the entry of foreigners on a case-by-case basis.

RT news media reported that foreigners wanting to enter the country must fill an application from 24 hours before travelling. Also, the Times of Israel reported that the country is already accepting Israeli citizens from Hong Kong, Toronto and Kyiv. These cities have been added to the accepted list of travel into Israel, along with New York, London, Paris and Frankfurt.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu said that almost all COVID-19 restrictions related to travelling have been lifted. This comes as Israel reported a huge decrease in serious cases of COVID-19 and transmission on Tuesday morning.

The Israeli Health Ministry reported that there were 688 patients in serious condition, a decrease of 45 from the previous day. Also, the R number (reproduction number) decreased to 0.95 from 1.01 on Friday, indicating the reduced spread of the virus.

Most of the Israeli economy has opened up last Sunday, with restaurants, cafes, schools in some areas, event venues and hotels now open. Religious gatherings and higher education schools have been opened for vaccinated people or those that just recovered from the virus.

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