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Israel and Cyprus conducted an air defense exercise.

Greece radar

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As was planned, today Israel and Cyprus conducted a large scale annual military exercise codenamed Onisilos-Gideon 2021. The exercise was conducted to test the island’s air defence capability as part of the agreement between Israel and Cyprus. The military drill is coordinated and directed by the National Guard General Staff Air Force Command in cooperation with the Israeli Air Force.

A number of Israeli fighter jets will carry out exercises in Nicosia and large parts of Cyprus. The Defense Ministry of Cyprus said,

The exercise will train staff on the tactics and procedures for air force deployment, anti-aircraft units, weapons control, transferring information and training of air defence tracking.

Defense Ministry.

Israel and Cyprus have come closer in recent years in defence as they intend to combine their defense cooperation with a joint regional energy strategy.

During the exercise, which will last four weeks, both countries will simulate prolonged battle conditions in an attempt to increase the military war readiness. According to the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom, among those troops in the exercise will be special forces, navy and air-force troops. Several navy ships, missile boats and assault helicopters will be used in the four-week exercise.

During the drill on Cyprus, another drill will also be conducted in Israel so as to streamline the General Staff’s command and control protocols.

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