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Sudan and Israel to normalize ties after Israel boycott law repealed by Sudanese ministers.

Image Credit: Intelligence Ministry

On Tuesday, the Sudan’s cabinet voted to repeal the 1958 boycott law on Israel, becoming the fifth country in the Arab world to formalise their relations with the country. This comes six months after Israel and Sudan agreed to normalize ties. Sudan joined the Abraham Accords, which was brokered by US ex-President Donald Trump. Regardless of this, Sudan still remains firm about the establishment of a Palestinian state and remain committed to the two-state solution. Back in October, Sudan faced criticism from Palestinian officials for striking a deal with Israel.

It is a new era for Israel as a number of countries are normalizing their ties with them. This started under the ex- US President Donald Trump, who helped to normalize ties between Israel and UAE, Bahrain and Morocco. Last October Sudan agreed to normalize ties with Israel, in exchange for USA to remove Sudan as a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’. Sudan has been in the list for 27 years.

This is an important and necessary step toward the signing of a peace accord between the countries.

Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen

The bill will need a final approval from the Sudan’s ruling Sovereign Council which is made up of civilian and military figures. The removal of the country from the terrorism blacklist by the US will help to aid Sudan’s struggling economy which has been crippled by years of sanctions.

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