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Iranian ship attacked in the Red Sea off the shore of Yemen.

Image Credit: HI Souton

Iranian media has reported that on Tuesday Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) intelligence reconnaissance vessel, Saviz, was attacked. Saviz was attacked West of Yemen’s shores in the Red Sea. The ship was used by IRGC to gather intelligence data about Yemen and Saudi Arabia according to some reports.

The espionage vessel Saviz was blamed for the missile attacks in July 2018 on two Saudi Arabian supertankers near Bad el-Mandab in the Red Sea. Only missile detonated and it did not completely detonate. If the Iranian missile went completely through the armor of the Saudi Arabian super tanker, it would have reached two million barrels of oil.

The Red Sea has become a hotbed for attacks due to its geopolitical and physical choke point on global maritime trade. Recently, an Israeli cargo ship was attacked by Iranian missile while sailing in the Red Sea.

The Iranian and Israeli government has not yet commented on the attack.

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