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Russia reports 7,975 cases.

Image Credit: Kyiv Post

On Wednesday, the Russian Health Ministry reported 7,975 new cases and 360 deaths. In Moscow alone there were 2,432 cases. The number of coronavirus cases in Russia have been gradually decreasing, even though they are lagging in vaccinating the population compared to Western countries. By April 27th, Russia managed to give at least a single dose to 12.1 million people and only 7.7 million people (5.5% of population) got the second dose. The United States had at least 43% of the population vaccinated with at least a single dose, and the European Union with nearly 27%.

Russia reported 6,755 recoveries over the past 24 hours and 270,935 active cases. According to the crisis center, the coronavirus growth rate is at 0.16%. Since the pandemic began, Russia reported 4,847,489 cases and 111,895 deaths making the sixth worst hit country by number of cases.

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