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Turkish military successfully test-fires the HISAR-A missile.

Image Credit: Aselsan via AA

On Tuesday, the Turkish Defense Ministry announced that it successfully test-fired the locally produced HISAR-A missile and hit the target drone in the central province of Aksaray. The missile test was conducted in the  Aksaray Shooting Range on May 3, 2021, from an Autonomous Missile Launching System (AMLS).

The HISAR-A missile is a short-range air defense system which will be utilized to protect ports, facilities, missile bases and troops against aerial attacks. The missile forms part of the medium and long-range Hisar air defense systems family. The HISAR-A missile components such as the command and control, radar and fire control were all developed by the Aselsan. The company Roketsan was responsible in the development of the missile system. Both Aseslan and Roketsan are Turkish defense equipment companies.

The Hisar-A+ missile defense system will form part of Turkish air defense against any aerial intruders from fighter jets to ballistic missiles.

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