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Cause of Sunday’s explosion in a petrochemical plant in Iran still unclear.

Image Credit: Screenshot from a video uploaded on Twitter by Heshmat Alavi.

Yesterday, an Iranian petrochemical plant, Movaledan chemical factory, located near the religious city of Qom, was hit by a fire and an explosion.

Several videos surfaced online showing thick black smoke emanating from the factory. According to ISNA news agency around twenty fire-engines and 150 firefighters headed to the area to control the blaze and the firefighters managed to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading to the alcohol tanks. Two firefighters were injured while controlling the blaze while two fire-engines caught fire due to several explosions. One firefighter is believed to be in critical condition.

A cause to the explosion is still unknown, but Iran have had a number of similar explosions last year which it ruled as accident, including explosions in nuclear facilities such as Natanz nuclear plant last month. The attack on the nuclear facility was blamed on Israel, as the tension between both countries have escalated as both have carried out attacks on each other such as when Iran fires a missile towards an Israeli ship in the Red Sea. Speculation over Israel’s involvement in several explosions occurring in Iran is high, but there is no proof to link any explosions to Israel, apart from the most obvious attack on the Natanz nuclear factory. Most of the explosions are most likely an accident, but it is vital to remember that Israel is not the sole enemy of Iran, and is not the only country that wants to prevent at all costs from Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon or expanding its reach in the Middle East.


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