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Germany’s coronavirus cases increase by 16,290.

Image Credit: Christophe Gateau/DPA/AP

According to Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the number of confirmed coronavirus cases increased by 16,290 on Sunday. The death toll rose by 110. The number of coronavirus cases have decreased over the past week.

Germany is currently in a lock-down to curb the current surge in coronavirus cases, while the German parliament also proposed the extension of the lock-down till the end of June to deal with the third wave, as hospitals are facing immense pressure.

Germany is facing difficulty dealing with the third wave with its efforts also complicated by the highly contagious B117 strain. Its slow start to its national vaccination campaign is also complicating the situation. As many countries are planning to reopen, Germany is planning to extend its lock-down further, as the country have night curfews in place along with closure of non-essential shops till end of June. Last week, the government managed to pass a law which will allow it to impose “emergency brake” rules for areas with high Covid-19 infection rates. This is the first time that the government can impose lock-downs on states.

Yesterday, Germany also had to deal with protests in Berlin, where 5000 to 20000 people protested against the lock-down measures. It quickly turned violent with protesters throwing stones and firecrackers at police.

Since the pandemic began, Germany reported 3,412,473 cases and 83,702 deaths.

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