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Barge P305 sinks off Bombay high; 125 people missing.

Image Credit: asianetnews

Barge ‘P305’ sank on Monday evening in the Arabian Sea after it was impacted by cyclone Tauktae. The barge sank near the Bombay High off-shore oil rigs. Till today 7.30am, 146 out of 273 people have been saved.

The Barge was being used as an accommodation base mid-sea for the workers. Rescue operations continued during the night in an attempt to save as much people as possible. On Tuesday morning, the Indian navy launched maritime reconnaissance plane, the Boeing P8I. The plane has specialized sensors to pick up small objects in the sea. Warships INS Kochi  and  INS Kolkata are also part of the rescue operation, but due to the cyclone, sea conditions are still risky. Wind speed rose to 150-180 Km/hr with six to eight meters high waves when the barges and drilling ship were hit.

It has also been reported that the rescue operation has also expanded to help people in two separate barges and a drilling ship which are adrift at separate locations in the Arabian Sea.

Indian Navy warship INS Talwar is assisting the drill ship Sagar Bhushan of the Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC). It is believed that 101 workers are onboard, while the accommodation barge SS-3 has 193 personnel.

Both are adrift and presently located about 90 kms south-east of the of Pipavav Port in Gujarat.

Navy Spokesperson Commander Vivek Madhwal.

The barge ‘Gal Constructor’ ran aground about 90km north of ‘Colaba Point’ Mumbai. There are 137 people onboard the barge. There are two support vessels, emergency towing vessel ‘Water Lily’ and coast ship Samrat assisting Gal Constructor barge.

More details to follow.

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