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Massive fire strikes a natural gas platform off Haifa coast, Israel.

Image Credit: Screenshot from kann_news posted on Twitter.

Reports came in that a massive fire struck a natural gas platform in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Haifa, Israel. Israeli authorities were quick to announce that the fire was due to a technical malfunction.

Fire from the Haifa natural gas platform. Image Credit: Screenshot from a footage uploaded on Twitter.

The conflict between Hamas and Israel is escalating and rapidly expanding into the maritime domain. Israeli navy is believed to have fired several missiles from warships, but Hamas answered back and is firing rockets against Israeli natural gas platforms. This has led to Israeli navy deploying several ships to protect the natural gas platforms. The warships are carrying Iron Dome air defense systems. It has been revealed by satellite imaging that a Sa’ar 5 class corvette was guarding the platform while a Sa’ar 4.5 class corvette and several Super Dvora MK II/III class patrol boats were patrolling the coast.

Image Credit: Twitter account OSINT-1

If a Hamas rocket actually manage to hit a natural gas platform, it will definitely be groundbreaking for them, but the chances of this happening are slim given the ship-borne Iron Dome systems.

Update: There are reports that suggest that it could be a cyber attack by Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) or an attack by Hezbollah. Still, there is not yet enough evidence so far that it is an attack.

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