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Huge tornadoes struck Wuhan and Shengze, China; 12 people reported dead, hundreds injured.

Tornado in Wuhan. Image Credit: Screenshot from a video uploaded by cctv

Several tornadoes struck east and central China on Friday night killing 12 and injuring more than 300 people. The first tornado struck the town of Shengze located near Shanghai on China’s east coast at around 7pm, killing four people. Several homes and factories were damaged and power went off due to the damage. It is believed that 149 people were injured.

The second tornado struck in Wuhan at around 8.40pm killing eight people and injuring 230. Winds of 86 kilometres per hour were recorded and more than two dozen homes were destroyed. In Wuhan, the city where the coronavirus was first detected, a total of 28 homes were destroyed while another 130 were damaged putting the economic losses at $5.7 million.

Tornadoes are rare in China. In July 2019, a tornado struck northeastern Liaoning province killing six people, while the month after another tornado struck the southern resort island of Hainan killing eight. Back in 2016, a huge tornado along with a hailstorm killed 98 people in the eastern Jiangsu province.

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