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Israeli army destroys Al-Jalaa tower housing media offices in Gaza.

Image Credit: Al Jazeera

On Saturday, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) contacted the Al-Jalaa tower housing international media offices of Al Jazeera, AP and normal apartment one hour to evacuate the tower.

The journalists were all shocked from what IDF told the owner of the building. The owner, Abu Husam, asked for more time to be given to allow journalists to retrieve their equipment, but the request was rejected. An hour later IDF carried out the airstrike and fired two missiles that leveled the building. According to Israeli officials, the building housed Hamas military intelligence. On Twitter the IDF said that Hamas places its military assets among the civilian population on purpose.

This is not the first time that IDF targeted media offices. Earlier this week they destroyed two high-rise towers which hosted 20 media offices, leading to some believing that Israel is attempting to suppress the local press.

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