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49 workers confirmed death in the sinking of barge P305. Hopes fade for the last 26 workers missing.

Image Credit: AFP

The number of bodies recovered reached 49. Most of the survivors or bodies have been sent to Mumbai. Last Monday, cyclone Tauktae struck the Arabian Sea in the Indian west coast. It was the strongest storm to ever reach the Indian west coast with speeds reaching 205 kilometres per hour (125mph), equivalent to a high-end Category 3 hurricane.

The cyclone wrecked havoc in the coastal states of Kerala, Gujarat, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra. The states had trees and power lines toppled over by the powerful winds, highways turned into rivers due to the heavy rain, and a lot of houses sustained damage, with some collapsing, resulting in several casualties. In Gujarat and Maharashtra more than 50 people lost their lives. This devastation comes during amid the coronavirus crisis in India, when it can barely cope with the number of cases, and is recording the highest number of cases in the world every day.

As was previously reported the cyclone affected three barges and an oil rig, but casualties were only reported in Barge ship P305. There are still 26 workers missing and the search and rescue operation is still ongoing, but the chances of any more survivors is dwindling with time. Apart from the missing 26 workers, a tugboat with 11 members on board is also missing.

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