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A Tropical disturbance observed in the Atlantic; Tropical depression Claudette continues its destruction.

The Tropical Disturbance over the Atlantic Ocean. Image Credit: National Hurricane Center

While the Tropical depression is still battering South-Eastern US, creating flash floods and several tornadoes in several states and claimed the lives of 13 people in Alabama, another tropical disturbance has been observed in the Atlantic Ocean close to Venezuela.

The disturbance was being monitored by hurricane forecasters on Monday morning. It is located around 900 miles Southeast of Windward Islands, and is currently producing thunderstorms and disorganized showers. It is believed that the tropical disturbance may move west at a speed of around 15mph in the next few days. The forecasters gave it a 20% chance of developing into a tropical depression within five days.

Meanwhile, tropical depression Claudette regained tropical storm strength early Monday while it is battering areas of North Carolina, which has a tropical storm warning in effect. It is believed that the storm will get stronger as it gets to the Atlantic Ocean where it is forecast to become a post-tropical cyclone by Tuesday afternoon and eventually dissipates that night.

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