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Explosion at a chemical plant in Maharashtra, India.

Chemical plant explosion Maharashtra

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On Sunday officials said that five people were injured after an explosion and massive fire at a chemical plant in  Maharashtra’s Palghar district India. A fire official said that the explosion occurred late at night on Saturday at 11:30pm. The firefighters were quickly deployed to the scene. Search and relief operations began immediately.

Five workers received burn injuries due to the fire after the explosion. They have been admitted to a local hospital for treatment.

Boisar Police

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the explosion. Unfortunately incidents like these happen quite often in India due to a lack of safety protocols. Most recently, two weeks ago a fireworks factory was rocked by a huge explosion. Accidents in chemical plants, steel factories, coal mines and boiler explosions in power plants have continued unhindered. There are a lack of safety inspections, practically no penal action against safety violations and the employer does not shoulder responsibility. There are a series of systemic failures which have not been correctly addressed by the authorities at the cost of the workers.

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