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Explosion in Caspian Sea confirmed to be due to a volcano.

Image Credit: Twitter account Conflictnews

Yesterday’s massive explosion in the Caspian Sea has been confirmed to be due to a mud volcano in an existing land. The explosion that looked like a ball of fire with fire shot up in the air, had a mushroom appearance leading to some speculating that it could have been a ship that exploded.

The Director-General of the Republican Seismological Service of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) Gurban Yetirmishli said that the eruption continued for 8 minutes and the flame, 20-25 seconds.

The depth of the magmatic core of the volcano was 1.48 kilometers, and the capacity – 2.17 ml. The island itself was formed as a result of the eruption of this mud volcano. The last time the volcano erupted in 1945.

Gurban Yetirmishli.

Video Credit: Azerbaijani Ministry of Emergency Situations

No injuries were reported.

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