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China’s third aircraft carrier nears completion.

Image Credit: wb/大英弟国的首相

China’s third aircraft carrier Type 003 is nearing completion. It is expected to be finished this year or next year.

This aircraft carrier will be different from the other two carriers in that it has advanced technology matching US best aircraft carriers. It will feature a catapult assisted takeoff but arrested recovery (CATOBAR) system which assists planes in take-off allowing larger and heavier aircraft to be launched with less fuel and also allowing for more weapons to be carried. This also means that the jets can fly for a longer duration before needing to return to the carrier.

It will be the largest surface combatant in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) measuring 315 meters in length and 74 meters in width. It will have a displacement of over 80,000-85,000 tonnes.

It will have an upgraded island, smaller than its predecessors. Its where the tower structure housing the command center for flight deck operations, along with radar and communication equipment are located. Satellite imagery revealed that it may have two starboard-side aircraft elevators like the Shangdong aircract carrier .

This Type 003 aircraft carrier will be a huge leap for China’s navy. It will allow them to project strength in the Indian and Pacific Ocean.

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