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Two US aircraft carriers and one UK aircraft carrier in Gulf of Aden.

US and UK aircraft carriers

Image Credit: Twitter

Two US aircraft carriers and a British aircraft carrier are in the Gulf of Aden. The HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier strike group joined USS Ronald Reagan carrier strike group (CSG) and USS Iwo Jima amphibious ready group (ARG) today. Dutch Frigate Evertsen was also present with the massive US and UK navy.

The three carriers are conducting a huge joint interoperability exercise in the Gulf of Aden designed to enhance maritime interoperability and naval integration.

Our team was proud to operate alongside the UK Carrier Strike Group during this unique opportunity to hone the full scope of our mutual capabilities. By operating together at sea, we deepen our coalition partnerships and extend our global reach throughout the region’s critical waterways.

Rear Adm. Will Pennington, commander, Ronald Reagan CSG 

The UK commander also commented on the huge naval exercise.

The aircraft carrier is the ultimate expression of global maritime power. Queen Elizabeth, Ronald Reagan and Iwo Jima symbolize the might of the U.S. and UK partnership, and the ease with which our naval and air forces can combine here in the Gulf of Aden, or anywhere else in the world.

Commodore Steve Moorhouse, commander, United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group

This comes on the same day that US 7th fleet USS Bendon carried out a freedom of navigation of operation in the South China Sea amid increasingly turbulent times as China continues to flex its muscle and indirectly and directly threaten Taiwan with a possible invasion.

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