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California backtracks on a rule that bans unmasked students from school campuses.

Image Credit: Lea Suzuki / The Chronicle

Last Monday, a new rule issued by the State of California to ban K-12 students from campuses if they refuse to wear masks indoors has been overturned.

The California Department of Health initially published its guidance that K-12 schools should not accept students that refuse to wear masks while indoors, and instead have to be offered alternative educational opportunities. But hours later, the Department of Health backtracked on the rule on Twitter.

California’s school guidance will be clarified regarding masking enforcement, recognizing local schools’ experience in keeping students and educators safe while ensuring schools fully reopen for in-person instruction.

California Department of Health Twitter.

They now allow schools to decide for themselves how it is best to deal with the issue.

Consistent with guidance from the 2020-21 school year, schools must develop and implement local protocols to enforce the mask requirements. Additionally, schools should offer alternative educational opportunities for students who are excluded from campus because they will not wear a face covering.

California Department of Health New Guidance.

The California Department of Health said that it will review guidelines regularly and that it will operate within the updated recommendations released by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. California COVID-19 measures is one of the most strictest states in the US.

More details to follow.

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