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Taliban warns Turkish troops that it will be treated the same as other foreign troops.

Image Credit: Haroon Sabawoon / AA

The Taliban has recently made gains in Afghanistan as they gain more and more territory that started when the withdrawal of US and UK forces started on May 1, after 2 decades in the country. The Afghan government is attempting to stop the Taliban advance at all costs at great cost. The Taliban wants to govern the country and wants all foreign troops to be kicked out from the country.

Turkey did not announce any withdrawal of its troops from Kabul airport in Afghanistan prompting the Taliban to make an announcement that their troops will be treated the same way as other foreign troops. Turkey has more than 500 troops as part of its non-combat NATO mission.

The Taliban said that Turkish troops are occupying the land the same way as international forces led by the US, and they are violating the sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of the country.

Turkey has been in Afghanistan for the past 20 years with NATO, and if it wants to remain now, without any doubt, we regard it as an occupier and will act against it.

Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban.

Turkish troops were rarely attacked by Taliban forces as they always wanted to forge good ties with them since they are Muslim. This will now change as the terror group desperately wants all foreign troops outside of the country. Any attacks on Turkish troops in Kabul airport might be difficult, as over the weekend the airport had been fitted with an air defense system, to counter incoming rockets.

This system installed at Kabul airport, (which) has been tested in other parts of the world, will be highly effective in foiling rocket attacks on Kabul airport as well.

Fawad Aman, Defense Ministry Spokesman.

Kabul airport is vital to protect for military and civilian flights but also to allow the safe passage of diplomats and aid groups.

More details to follow.

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