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Large naval formation close to Taiwan, a day after a Chinese spy ship and US destroyer were also detected.

Image Credit: Twitter account Liuming @lobsterlarryliu.

Satellite imagery has revealed a large naval formation around 200km northeast of Taiwan. It is not yet known whether the naval vessels are Chinese or Russian, but it is most likely a Chinese navy flotilla. It is believed that a Chinese naval task force is carrying out an operation, but not much is known yet.

This comes a day after Taiwan detected a Chinese spy ship identified as Type 815 spy Beijxing, or Polaris, and a United States destroyer, USS Pinckney, a U.S. Navy Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, off the coast of Eastern Taiwan early Wednesday morning. According to a person that works with the Taiwan navy under the condition of anonymity, the Chinese spy ship was first detected 40 nautical miles east of Hualien County’s Jingpu Village on Tuesday afternoon and than again on Wednesday at 7am, 43 nautical miles off Taitung County’s Changbin Township and was continuing to move southward. The US destroyer was detected on Wednesday at 4am and was last detected 44 nautical miles southeast of Orchid Island off Taiwan’s southeastern coast. The destroyer has now moved beyond Taiwan’s navy range of surveillance.

More details to follow.

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