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Explosion in an office building in Tehran, Iran.

Image Credit: Iranian Labour News Agency.

According to local media, on Wednesday night an explosion was reported at an office building in South Shahran, Tehran, Iran. The blast damaged part of the building but luckily no other buildings in the vicinity were damaged and no casualties were reported.

According to Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA) the explosion occurred in the second floor of the five-storey building that were used for offices, residential and commercial purposes. He said that the cause of the explosion was due to a gas leak.

There was a relatively severe explosion on the second floor of the building. The blast was so intense that the walls of the unit and the two units next to it were destroyed. Also, part of the façade of the building outside the building was destroyed. Fortunately, the blast did not cause much damage to the upper floors and adjacent buildings.

 Fire department spokesperson

Fire fighters and ambulances were quickly deployed to the scene and one woman was taken to the hospital. It is unknown if her injuries were serious. Security officials arrived at the scene and launched an investigation.

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