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More than 120 people dead in India after heavy raining triggered landslides and floods.

Image Credit: NDRF

On Saturday, Indian search and rescue teams worked tirelessly to find survivors among dozens of homes destroyed by flooding. A number of houses ended up submerged under thick sludge and debris after a torrential rain since Thursday that led to flooding and landslides. At least 125 people lost their lives in the flooding.

The state of Maharashtra was hit by the heaviest rainfall in four decades after the rain lasted several days. Thousands of people had to be displaced, and there is a risk that major rivers will burst their banks.

The village of Taliye was the most affected after local authorities reported that 49 people have lost their lives and 47 others are missing.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said:

The situation in Maharashtra due to heavy rains is being closely monitored and assistance is being provided to the affected.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

This comes amid harsh weather affecting many countries around the World, with floods in China, Germany, Netherlands, France, and Switzerland and heatwaves in North America, increasing fears that the climate is changing at a faster pace.

More details to follow.

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