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Iranian destroyer Sahand arrives in St. Petersburg, Russia, ahead of a naval parade.

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The Iranian destroyer Sahand arrived in the Russian port of St.Petersburg moments ago after a journey of 12,000 nautical miles where it is scheduled to participate in a military parade alongside the Russian naval fleet.

The naval parade is expected to start tomorrow and there will be representatives from other countries to celebrate the 325th anniversary of the Russian Navy. The Iranian naval commander Khanzadi will also hold meetings with high-ranking Russian military and defense officials on the sidelines of the ceremony. The naval parade will feature 54 vessels from Iran, India, Pakistan and of course Russia and will involve around 4,000 military personnel.

The Sahand destroyer with its accompanying support vessel, the Makran, an oil tanker that was transformed into a warship, was on a voyage since late May, where they passed around South Africa last June prompting international experts that they were travelling to their allies Venezuela and Cuba. They instead went close to the United Kingdom, where they passed Denmark and eventually entered the Baltic Sea last Thursday. The Makran will not be in the parade tomorrow due to the limitations of the naval parade site.

More details to follow.

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