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Car explosion in Cologne, Germany.

Image Credit: TNN/ dpa

Yesterday, local police said that a car exploded in Hürth bear Cologne injuring two people. One of the injured is in critical condition. The person seriously injured, a 55-year old man, was seen on fire soon after the explosion, and was extinguished by a witness.

A 46-year-old witness who had seen the event ran into a nearby bakery, took a powder extinguisher and extinguished the 55-year-old on the opposite sidewalk.

Police Spokesman.

The 46-year old man that rushed to help the man on fire was injured while helping him and had to be rushed to the hospital. The person on fire suffered severe burns. A rescue helicopter took him for treatment in a special clinic.

According to a police spokesman, the car was detonated on Monday evening, also damaging a nearby car. Part of the road of Hermülheimer Strasse was closed soon afterwards and will open on Tuesday morning.

The cause of the explosion is still unknown so far and police started their investigations. More details to follow.

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