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Afghan head of media assassinated by the Taliban.

Image Credit: Twitter

Dawa Khan Menapal ,head of the Government Media and Information Centre (GMIC) of Afghanistan has been assassinated on Friday by the Taliban in Kabul.

He (Menapal) was a young man who stood like a mountain in the face of enemy propaganda, and who was always a major supporter of the (Afghan) regime.

Mirwais Stanikzai, a spokesperson of the interior ministry.

The assassination of Mr. Menapal is viewed as an attempt by the Taliban to weaken the President Ashraf Ghani’s government. Unfortunately, assassinations of people who express their opinion in Afghanistan are frequently assassinated by the Taliban. The terror group killed scores of social activists, journalists, bureaucrats, judges and public figures in an attempt to prevent a liberal Islamic regime.

A Taliban spokesman said that Mr. Menapal was killed by the Mujaheedin for ‘his actions’. US Charge d’Affaires Ross Wilson expressed his anger in a tweet over the killing of another person expressing the right of freedom of speech.

More details to follow.

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