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Two explosions in Kabul airport – American soldiers among the casualties.

Image Credit: skynews

Moments ago, local sources reported two explosions in Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. This comes hours after both UK and USA urged its citizens to avoid the airport due to an imminent threat of a terrorist attack. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that an attack on the airport was expected in a matter of hours.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby confirmed the explosion and said the number of casualties is still unclear. The first explosion was caused by a suicide bomber and occurred near the Baron hotel, where British journalists and troops are located. The second explosion which occurred hours later, was also caused by a suicide bomber occurred near Abbey Gate causing a number of casualties. According to Sky News chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay, American soldiers have been injured in the explosion. The suicide bomber was most likely an ISIS soldier.

A Taliban official said to Reuters that 170 people have lost their lives in the attack. Twelve US servicemen lost their lives. Two Britons and ten Taliban soldiers died in the bombing.


  1. How? Why? The terror attack was well announced hours before they struck! WhatNowNews reported about it,ffs! And nobody got the idea to close the airport for public traffic and search for the ISIS terrorists?

    Hoomans. 😦


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