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Terror attack in Kabul airport could strike in a matter of hours.

Image Credit: AP

The situation in Kabul airport is getting increasingly dangerous as reports suggested an imminent attack by terror group ISIS-K Last week, French intelligence revealed that ISIS-K members were in the outskirts of Kabul airport or inside, most likely waiting for an opportunity to strike. For this reason, many countries such as Germany and Netherlands announced today that their military evacuation will be halted for the time being.

This situation is further complicating the evacuation as Tuesday 31st August deadline approaches. Recently, the Taliban said that they will not extend the deadline for the complete evacuation, when the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested it. US President Joe Biden said that they are currently on track to evacuate all their military stuff by August 31st. Prime Minister Boris Johnson attempted to pressure Mr.Biden to extend the stay of US troops to evacuate further people that want to escape Afghanistan, but the US President rejected the offer.

Due to the current threat of a terrorist attack, the British Defense Ministry as well as US Defense Ministry announced that their citizens should avoid Kabul airport.

On Thursday, the BBC Radio 4 hosted the UK Armed Forces Minister James Heappey. He said:

There is now very, very credible reporting of an imminent attack and hence why the foreign office advice was changed last night.

UK Armed Forces Minister James Heappey.

Last Wednesday, Turkey also announced its complete withdrawal of its troops from Kabul airport, a sign of the deterioration of thr security situation in the airport. Initially Turkey meant to keep their 500 troops in the airport, but in light of the imminent terror attack, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Turkish military decided to completely withdraw the troops.

More details to follow.

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