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Pipe-bomb explosion in Vienna, Austria.

Image Credit: Polizei Wien

A self-made pipeline bomb exploded in a house in Donaustadt, 22nd district of Vienna, Austria. The explosion which occurred on Monday was reported from local sources today. The explosion injured two Austrians. One of them, a 46-year old man, was the bomb-maker.

Soon after the explosion, the area was flooded by the police special unit Cobra, ambulances and firefighters. Upon arrival of the police, the bomb-maker remained inside his damaged home. A huge area around the house was cordoned off by the police, while negotiations were in progress for the bomb-maker to surrender. After several hours, he left the house voluntarily and was arrested and taken to a nearby hospital to treat his wounds.

Today, the bomb-maker was being questioned to determine why he wanted to make a pipe-bomb. The suspect’s neighbours said that he hated foreigners and shouted ‘Heil Hitler’.

He is currently still in hospital and is being guarded by police. More details to follow.

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