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Poland planning to build a nuclear reactor.

Patnow Coal-fired power plant. Image Credit: ZE PAK

Poland’s national-conservative PiS government is planning to build a nuclear reactor in an attempt to eliminate heavily replying on coal. Two locations which have been considered for the building of the nuclear reactor are Zarnowiec and Lubiatowo-Kopalino. The first is only 70 kilometers from Gdansk, while the last is 450 kilometers from Berlin.

The first nuclear reactor block, if everything goes according to plan, will start by 2026 and is expected to be operational by 2033. Five more nuclear reactors are also expected to be built following the construction of the first. This all is a part of its strategy towards eliminating its dependence on coal. Around 80% of the country’s energy needs come from coal and lignite. A strategy paper named ‘Poland’s energy policy until 2040’ was presented last February where it gave all the information regarding the government’s plans.

Back in 2020 the Polish government advertised regarding the need for such a nuclear reactor.

The examples of highly industrialized and highly developed countries and regions such as France, Sweden and the Canadian province of Ontario prove that atomic energy contributes to the efficient, fast and profound decarbonization of electrical energy.

Polish Government.

In October 2020, Poland signed a nuclear cooperation agreement with the United States. The US company, Westinghouse will be involved in model studies. Recent surveys showed that 45% of Polish people are against the construction of a nuclear reactor.

Germany has expressed discomfort over Poland’s interest in nuclear energy. The German government has criticized the Polish government that it should be included in the nuclear power plant planning as it said that cross-border environmental impact cannot be ruled out. The Federal government of Germany sent a list of questions to ‘Poland regarding Poland’s energy policy until 2040’.

More details to follow.

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