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ISIS- K claimed attacks against Taliban in Jalalabad.

Image Credit: Ruetir

On Sunday, the Islamic State- Khorasan (ISIS-K) claimed the weekend attacks against the Taliban in the Afghan city of Jalalabad. The terror group, which is responsible for the deadly attacks at Kabul airport that killed over 100 people including American soldiers, claimed the three separate bomb attacks targeting Taliban vehicles last Saturday. On Sunday another bonb attack targeted another Taliban vehicle.

A number of Taliban fighters were rushed to the hospital. Two fighters are known to have died on the spot.

ISIS-K which is an offshoot of the well known terror group ISIS have started to carry out more terror attacks this year. Even though both ISIS-K and Taliban share the same hardline Sunni ideology, they still differ a lot on religion and ideology, leading to bloody fights between them.

More details to follow.

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