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Iran says it foiled a US attempt to steal Iranian oil in the Sea of Oman- US officials deny it happening.

Image Credit: Fars News Agency

On Wednesday, the Iranian navy said it managed to foil a US attempt to steal its oil tanker that was traversing through the Sea of Oman. According to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the Iranian oil tanker attempted to deliver 700,000 barrels of oil to China but was rejected. Apparently, they are claiming that the oil tanker SOTHYS was heading back to Iran when the US navy attempted to steal it. It is unknown why China rejected Iranian’s crude oil.

Voyage of the oil tanker SOTHYS. Image Credit: Marinetraffic.

Footage online showed several Iranian patrol boats circling the US destroyer that seem to be chasing the oil tanker. IRGC helicopters were also seen landing on the oil tanker releasing elite IRHC special forces. US officials speaking on condition of anonymity deny that there was an attempt to steal Iranian’s oil, and that the Iranian forces had actually seized a Vietnamese-flagged oil tanker last month, and the US navy were just monitoring the situation. The tanker SOTHYS had actually docked at the port of Bandar Abbas on October 31st.

More details to follow.

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