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Explosion in Rohini District court in India.

Image Credit: HT File Photo/Sanchit Khanna

On Thursday morning local authorities reported a low-intensity explosion in Rohini district court in New Delhi. The explosion caused panic among the public and lawyers, as the explosion occured in side the courtroom, where there is supposely security to prevent such attacks.

The explosion injured only one, and it occured in a laptop bag which was located in courtroom number 102 that belongs to Metropolitan Magistrate Prituraj according to the police.

Around 10.25 am on Thursday, an incident of a low-intensity explosion in a laptop bag occurred at the Rohini court complex. The spot was cordoned off and the forensic team and the NSG team were called to the place of the incident.

Delhi Police PRO Chinmoy Biswal

This comes months after another similiar attack, which was much more serious, after two members of a gang dressed up as lawyers and entered the courtroom and shot dead gangster Jitendra Gogi.

More details to follow.

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