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Death toll from tanker explosion in Haiti increases to 75.

Image Credit: AP

Early on Tuesday a tanker truck carrying much needed fuel, crashed and flipped over in the northern city of Cap-Haitien in an attempt to avoid an incoming motorcycle, causing it to flip over. Fuel immediately started leaking out of the tanker, prompting a huge number of civilians in dire need of fuel to scoop as much of it as possible.

Soon afterwards, the fuel ignited causing a huge explosion while people were still scooping the fuel. Witnesses said that they saw a fireball that swept across the people and several homes. The blast destroyed several buildings and overturned vehicles in the vicinity. Onlookers claimed people screamed in agony after the fireball. Around 15 victims were airlifted to hospitals in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Apart from fuel shortages the country also has a shortage of medical supplies and health workers making it more difficult to treat all the burned patients. The impoverished country has recently seen several disasters which included a 7.2 earthquake on July 7th that killed more than 2000 people and the assassination of the president.

The Prime Minister Ariel Henry promised more field hospitals and medical professionals while he was visiting a hospital to see the burned victims. The moment he left the hospital, five more patients died.

More details to follow.

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