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A huge flotilla of Russian navy vessels seen in Eastern Mediterranean.

Image Credit: Twitter account HI Sutton@covertshores

On Thursday morning more Russian navy ships in the Mediterranean Sea headed to the port of Tartus in Syria. Based on the most up-to-date information there are around 16 Russian military vessels near Tartus organized in a single strike group. There are two submarines, two slava class cruisers, guided-missile destroyers, guided-missile frigates.

Some sources revealed that this concentration of ships might be to deter NATO involvement in the Black Sea, especially from US and French aircraft carriers. The formation of the 16 warships located close to Tartus was caught on satellite imagery (European Space Agency) at 08:40am UTC today. In fact, when this information was initially shared, information regarding the Russian invasion started flooding the news. The formation is 0.9 miles (1.5km) across and 1.7 miles (2.7km) long. This means that the ships are in close proximity to each other and are in sight of each other. It is unusual to have that huge number of military vessels located so close to each other, except for military exercises. Some speculate, that apart from NATO deterance, the vessels might also be there for resupply.

The Russian military vessels are still located near Tartus, Syria. More details to follow.

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