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Huge explosion in a nightclub in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Image Credit: Twitter

A huge explosion rocked a nightclub in Baku, Azerbaijan in the early hours of Sunday. According to reports from Trend, the nightclub affected is the LocationBaku nightclub on Tarlan Aliyarbayov Street in the center of Baku.

Unfortunately, local media already reported that a number of people have lost their lives in the accident. According to preliminary investigation the explosion was most likely caused by a leaky gas canister.

Update: Gas cylinders with propane (3 pcs.) were found inside the club. The explosion set a fire that killed one person and injured 31.

Around 14 cars, 1 apartment and 2 non-residential objects were damaged in the accident. The condition of six of the victims were assessed to be severe, 12 as moderate and six as stable.

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