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Turkish troops launch a huge assault against the Kurds in Iraq.


Last night, Turkish troops launched an assault against the (Kurdistan Workers Party) PKK in Iraqi territory. Turkey considers the Kurds or PKK as a terrorist organization as they carried out several terror attacks in Turkey. PKK have been instrumental in the fight against terror group ISIS. It has been reported that Turkey bombarded PKK positions using artillery and airstrikes. Ground forces are also advancing towards the PKK positions in Metina, Zap and Avashin-Basyan regions of northern Iraq.

The operation has been dubbed as ‘Operation Claw Lock’. It is not yet known how many troops are involved in the operation. The Turkish Defense Ministry said that the operation, that started on Sunday night, was in response to the discovery that PKK was about to launch major attacks against Turkey.

The PKK and Turkey have been clashing since 1984. Thousands of lives were lost.

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