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Multiple people dead after an explosion in a Polish coal mine.

Image Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

A senior government official said that four people have lost their lives while seven others were missing after a probable methane explosion in a coal mine in southern Poland. There were 21 workers that were injured and rushed to the hospital. Two explosions are believed to have occured shortly after midnight today in Pniowek mine in Pawlowice.

The Mining company JSW said that 13 teams are involved in the rescue operations. The mining company released a statement regarding the rescue operation.

The rescue operation was temporarily suspended until the dust barrier, protecting the rescue base against the methane explosion, is rebuilt.

Mining company JSW

The explosions occurred at a depth of 1,000 metres and there were 42 miners at the moment of the explosions. Most of the workers injured had burns and were rushed to the hospital. This is a developing story.

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