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Explosive wildfire in Mariposa County, California.

Image Credit: twitter @rawsalerts, skyflyerchannel8news & hotshotwake.

Explosive wildfire has erupted in Mariposa County California a few hours ago at 2.15pm local time. The fire started in the Midpines area and has not shown signs of slowing down. Officials ordered the evacuation of residents living in these areas;

Carstens Rd, Buckingham Mt. Rd, Plumbar Creek Rd, Triangle Road from 140 to High 49 south, Darrah Road from Triangle to Valley View and all sides of the road, Silva Road from Triangle to Van Ness Road, Boyer Road from Highway 49 south and all side roads, Darrah road from the stop light to Triangle Road, Triangle Road from Highway 49 south to Westfall Road and all side roads, including Triangle Park, Tip Top Road, Wass Road, Westfall from Triangle to Oliver Creek.

Based on latest updates, the Oak fire in Mariposa has grown to 4,350 acres and is still 0% contained. According to an incident report issued by Calfire, there are 1,303 structures in danger of being burned down.

In 2022, California has reported more than 4, 408 incidents of wildfires resulting in a fatality, 83 structures destroyed and 35,135 acres burned.

More details to follow.

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