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World’s largest tire graveyard catches fire.

Image Credit: Weibold

The largest tire graveyard in the World located in Kuwait caught fire earlier this month. The ‘graveyard’ located in the Arhiya area, five kilometers (over three miles) south of the city of Jahra is known to have around 50 million useless tires. The area is not a rubbish dump and people can’t throw their things in the area. It is actually an organized facility, yet unfortunately, this happens. The Kuwaiti government is struggling to get rid of the tire graveyard. The fire was brought under control, but the area still poses environmental and health risks to the whole planet.

Image Credit: Twitter Account @JamesMelville

Thick plumes of black smoke were seen coming from the area, which was also visible from space. Last March, the government took important steps to initiate the process of removal of the tire graveyard. Five factories were established to cut, recycle and export these tires. The Director-General of the Kuwait Public Authority for Industry, Abdul Karim Taqi said last March that 48 million out of a 57 million tires were already cut in Arhiya.

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