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Russia sends a nuclear submarine to the Mediterranean Sea.

A Yasen-class Russian nuclear submarine. Image Credit: Militarywatch.

Naval News have reported that a Russian nuclear submarine has entered the Mediterranean Sea for unknown reasons. According to the same news agency, the nuclear submarine or cruise missile submarine is operating close to Italy. Nuclear submarines are known to be the most survivable and powerful assets in the Russian navy. The most modern Russian nuclear submarine is the Yasen class, but it could have also been a Sierra-I/II and Victor-III class.

It is not known how long the nuclear submarine has been operating in the area and why but some speculate that it might be a way to deter NATO forces from getting involved in the Ukrainian war.

The current nuclear submarine most likely filled the position of the Slava class cruiser Marshal Ustinov that left the area in August 24th. Ustinov sailed between Ireland and United Kingdom and might have provided a distraction for the Russian nuclear submarine to slip through into the Mediterranean Sea.

More details to follow.

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