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Explosion in an Iranian oil refinery.

Image Credit: Atlas News

Overnight on Friday local news agencies reported an explosion in an oil refinery in southwestern city of Abadan, Iran. The state agencies reported that there were no casualties.

State News Agency INRA claimed that the explosion occured as a result of a burst in one of the furnaces of the sulphur production unit of the Abadan refinery. Despite the explosion, oil production has not stopped and it is still working as usual.

The Oil refinery in Abadan is known to supply 25% of Iranian’s fuel needs. It is considered the oldest refinery in Iran. Unfortunately, explosions in Iran are not rare, and similiar accidents have happened before.

Three months ago an explosion rocked a chemical factory in Firouzabad in Fars province. There was another explosion at a petrochemical station in Bandar Mahshahr petrochemical station in Khuzestan Province, south Iran. These are some of the accidents that happened this year.Iran tend to blame most of these accidents on Israel without providing evidence, but it is more likely due to incompetence of the workers and equipment used in these petrochemical factories.

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