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Queen Elizabeth II dies.

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The Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, died peacefully at the age of 96 in Balmoral castle in Aberdeen, Scotland. She has ruled the UK since her coronation in 1952. In her 70 years being a Queen of United Kingdom she has seen 15 Prime Ministers.

Queen Elizabeth was admitted to the hospital earlier today after doctors were concerned for health. The Queen’s four children, Prince William and Prince Harry were with her. The Queen was surrounded by all the people she loved. Last year, the Queen lost her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, three months before his 100th birthday. She described his death as ‘having left a void in her life’.

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss who was appointed Prime Minister instead of Boris Johnson om September 5th, 2022 was welcomed by the Queen in her retreat in Scotland shortly after her victory. She gave a statement shortly after the Queen’s death.

Queen Elizabeth II was the rock on which modern Britain was built. Our country has grown and flourished under her reign. Britain is the great country it is today because of her.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss

With the Queen’s passing, the UK will enter a 12 day period of national mourning and Prince Charles will become a King. Prince Charles becomes the oldest monarch to assume the British throne at the age of 73.

More details to follow.

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