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Bundesliga Club RP Leipzig fires their coach Domenico Tedesco.

Image Credit: Getty Images

The Bundesliga Club RP Leipzig sacked their coach Domenico Tedesco following a 4-1 loss against the Ukrainian team Shaktar Donetsk, in their opening Champions League match.

The victory of the Ukrainian team was a memorable event in the war-ravaged country. This amid the fact that the Ukrainian team lost three important players due to a FIFA law which allows foreign players to cancel their contracts with teams in war-torn countries. Donetsk captain Taras Stepanenko said ‘ I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams such a game with four goals for us. But we played well and I feel we deserved that result tonight’.

On the other hand, the loss proved fatal for Leipzig’s coach. The 36-year old Italian coach has been with the team since December of last year. The coach managed to obtain very good results with the team. They won last season’s DFB cup (German Cup), and they also managed to reach semi-finals in the Europa League, where they lost against Rangers. This year proved to be a different year for the team, where they managed to secure only one victory out of five games played in the Bundesliga League, and Tuesday’s loss against the Ukrainian team in the Champions League proved fatal for the coach.

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