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Russia to mobilise 1 million soldiers according to classified information.

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Yesterday, the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that 300,000 reserve soldiers will be mobilized and sent to Ukraine. Today, a classified Russian document obtained by Noveya Gazeta revealed that the actual number of reserve soldiers mobilized will be far higher- 1 million. The Press Secretary of the President of the Russia, Dmitry Peskov denies information about 1 million reserve soldiers.

In the 7th paragraph of the document, he confirmed that the paragraph is specifically about the amount of soldiers mobilized.

The classified document shared by Noveya Gazeta. Image Credit: Liveuamap

There are reports that the mobilization started immediately and people have received their call to join the army. Thousands of people are fleeing the country to avoid being drafted. There are reports that a huge number of people left to Georgia with their cars, Turkey with airplanes and apparently also to Belarus. According to Noveya Gazeta, the Russian government contacted the Belarusian government and ordered it to identify Russians hiding from partial mobilization to be sent back to Russia. Protests against the mobilization resulted in 1,300 arrests. Shortly after their arrest,most of these people were handed a paper that they were chosen to be sent as reserve soldiers to Ukraine.

More details to follow. This is a developing story.

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